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DIY Word Canvas Art Project for Kids & Adults

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Learn how to create simple and easy word canvas artworks

Is it a holiday again, and you are looking for an easy project for your kids to make? In this article, I am going to show you a DIY word canvas art project for kids.

But stayed tuned…

because I will also show you another great DIY canvas art project that looks super professional! This art canvas project is great for when you are looking for a simple and inexpensive way to add to your home decor.

DIY Word Art makes wonderful gifts for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Birthdays…

My toddlers made this word canvas art for my husband for Father’s Day this year. My youngest is 2 years old and she had no problem working on this project with her 4-year-old brother. Therefore, I would say this is a FABULOUS preschool canvas painting idea!!

The DIY Project Challenge

When my kids first made this DIY canvas art for my husband, I didn’t realize I was already fitting this month’s theme for a DIY project challenge. Each month, my awesome DIY blogger friends get together and create projects based on a theme. The project must cost under $50!

This month’s theme was to use wood and any other material to create a DIY project. Well…I did just that without even realizing it!

For past challenges, I have redone a Midcentury Modern dresser, experimented with marbling paint techniques and created no-sew DIY storage boxes.

These DIY ladies sure know how to create amazing things on a budget!

For this month’s project, I even had all the supplies here from past DIY and art projects. The joys of being a DIY nut

*Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are our own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission. Read full privacy policy here.  

Word Art Supplies Needed

Canvas, Canvas Board or Simply Cardboard would work.

I love gallery-wrapped canvases. Simply paint the edges and there is no need to frame it!

Wooden Letters (We used these ones and mixed in this different set) both found at Michael’s

-Paint brushes

-Tempera or Acrylic Paint

-Glue (Craft or my FAVORITE type of Elmer’s glue)

How to create DIY Word Canvases

Step 1:

1. Make sure you provide your little ones with colors that mix well together. Check out how we created cards with this easy watercolor project for kids using the same color mixing concept.

Colors that are next to each other on the color wheel will work such as 2 of the primary colors. Then add white paint to make tints of the colors. 

During this art project, colors will be mixed, so make sure to make good color choices, or else you may end up with a brown mess! I repeat…no brown messes!

For our project, my son chose BLUE and my daughter chose red. Therefore, since they chose primary colors, it made it pretty simple for me!

If you want a little fun video to show your kids about color mixing before you start, go ahead and check this color mixing video out!

2. Pick out the saying that you want to be on your canvas. We decided to spell, “I WUV DAD”. Partially because I couldn’t find another E and also because that is how my little kiddos say, “Love”.

Because I was doing this easy canvas art project with younger children, picking out the wooden letters was an activity in itself. I ALWAYS love when we can turn any art project into another type of learning activity.

Even if for now they think you spell love, W-U-V…

I need to remember to cherish the moments and thought my husband would also appreciate the WUV!

3. Paint the letters using the main colors (not white). You want there to be some contrast between the words and the background. I liked the idea that our canvas art is all similar colors.  However, you could always use one set of colors for the letters and one set for the background. 

Child painting wooden letter for DIY word art

***Don’t miss at the end where I show you to make a more professional looking and easy word art for any room in your house.***

4. Once the wooden letters are painted, set them aside. Give each child a squirt of white paint next to “his or her” color. Naturally, my kids mixed the paints as they worked together to paint the canvas.

Two toddlers painting canvas using red, blue and white paints

TIP: When kids keep painting in the same area, gently rotate the canvas or paper so that they will work in a different area. Kids (especially younger ones), do not know when to stop, but it is because they are having so much FUN painting and making a masterpiece of a canvas!

5. Allow all parts to dry. Once canvas and letters are dry, carefully use glue to collage the pieces on to create the final DIY word canvas. 

Optional DIY Canvas Word Art Step

I did not do this, but that is because my husband proudly took this word canvas art to his office before I could. You could use a clear spray or different types of mod podge (I love this one). This product will help add a cool shine or cohesiveness to the art project.

Even a clear gloss spray paint would add a little more extra protection. In addition, it would hide any extra glue that may have slipped out from under the wooden letters on to the canvas.

And just like that

DIY Word canvas for adults and kids: 2 art projects from 1 idea

You have a WONDERFUL DIY word art that is sure to make any dad, grandparent or mom feel special!

DIY Word Canvas Art Project for your home

At the beginning of this article, I stated how you can also use the same children’s canvas art idea to create your own FABULOUS DIY word canvas that would fit any home decor.

Simple and Easy Canvas Art (Anyone can make these)!

Here is how I added two simple black and white word canvas artworks for our master bathroom. Yes, I could have painted anything I wanted for there. However, I wanted a simple and easy canvas art above our toilet!

Black and white word art canvases made with wooden letters and spray paint

Use quotes or your favorite song for the words on your canvas

My husband and I decided to use a song by the Beatles as the wording. We simply glued all the wooden letters on to the canvas using craft glue or my favorite type of Elmer’s glue!

Some of you may think it is odd that I have a FAVORITE type of glue…

but it is from years of experience. I have many more favorite art supplies for kids (and adults, too!) that I recommend all the time!

After this had dried, I used black and white spray paint to cover all parts of the canvas. It did take a few coats. The trick to making this DIY word canvas art is to make sure that you use the spray paint from many different angles.

You want to make sure that the wooden letters and canvas are completely covered!

Easy and DIY Word Canvas

I absolutely LOVE when DIY art projects can be for adults or for kids.

If you love art projects that can be for both kids or adults! Be sure to check out some of my other DIY home projects and DIY art projects.

This DIY canvas word art project truly shows that art is for everyone!

I cannot wait to see what the other ladies of the DIY project challenge have come up with! We always have such different and unique interpretations of the theme. I hope you enjoy exploring their DIY sites as much as I do!

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Hello! My name is Erin and I am a DIY nut. Currently, I live in Ohio with my beautiful family. My husband and I love making our house a home through DIY projects. I hope this site inspires you to become a DIY nut!


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