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Stained Glass Art Project for Kids that WOWS!

Learn how to create faux stained glass

I cannot wait to share this amazing stained glass art project for kids. It is an awesome individual project or can be displayed together to create a wonderful sight! I have done this project all ages of children but would be suitable for any age that can successfully squeeze a glue bottle. Even the youngest kids could do to this stained glass art project with some extra adult assistance.

This project is perfect to put on display for all to see in your neighborhood. It is amazing what sidewalk chalk, art projects in windows and colorful drawings can do to your neighbor’s spirits. So keep reading to begin to learn how to spread joy through this stained glass art project!

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No…you will not actually paint on the window for this faux stained glass art project

I have seen stained glass projects where kids are allowed to paint right on the window. While I approve of this from a creative standpoint…

I really don’t think it is that great of an idea to great faux stained glass by allowing children to directly paint on the window. I would love to know how the windows clean-up after painting on them. Therefore, you will love that this stained glass art project looks like you did that but there is a trick to make is way easier and cleaner!

Spread joy with this stained glass art project

Supplies needed to create a stained glass art project for kids

This post will also help if you are interested in knowing what art supplies I recommend using for all types of art projects.

Stained Glass Art Project for kids with painted faux stained glass window project

Before children begin this amazing stained glass project, prep the following template:

If I were doing this project with older kids, I would make a template for them to draw on first. Trace an 8″ x 10″ transparency on a large 12″ x 18″ paper. I also added a border on the inside by using the width of a ruler. Students can do this, however, if your copier takes 12″ X 18″ paper, I found it was just easier to have the templates pre-made.

However, some of the images you will see are me working with my young preschool-aged children. They loved designing inside a “stained glass” window and therefore I didn’t need to have them sketch out their ideas first!

Making black glue and “stained glass” colors

Make black glue. In used glue bottles, mix 1/3 part black acrylic paint and 2/3 parts glue. Shake well to create black glue. I would test this on a transparency sheet to make sure that you have a mixture that will stick. I had a few mixtures that seemed to peel off after a very long time, so making sure you have enough glue is important.

For the colors, use the same strategy as above, however, I made the colors in small cups with lids. Students will use q-tips to add color since you won’t want to ruin all of your paintbrushes.

Steps for making a faux stained glass art project

1. If using a drawing template then have children sketch out ideas for this stained glass project for kids. First, have students create thumbnail sketches (small sketches). Then kids should take their favorite idea and draw on the pre-made template. Encourage students to not draw too much, since they will have to outline these drawings with glue.

2. Once the drawing is complete, tape transparency onto the template. They will then use the template and trace their own design with the black glue mixture. These will need to be placed flat to dry.

In the picture below, I did a simple drawing and was creating a smaller 4″ x 6″ stained glass window. This art project for kids is great because it really can be adjusted for children of all ages.

Black glue mixture being used to create a faux stained glass art project for kids

3. Once black glue is dry, young artists can begin to add color. Using pre-made color cups, students can use q-tips to design their stained glass. Even my preschool-aged children were encouraged to look at different textures and to experiment when making their projects.

My son kept saying, I am going to dot this paint on my stained glass window.

4-year-old creating a faux stained glass window

4. Continue to fill faux stained glass art projects with color and find a flat space to dry.

Blue paint with q-tip on transparency paper for stained glass project for kids

Display these AWESOME stained glass art projects where the kids can be proud!

One of the best parts of this art project is creating an amazing display. Any place that has a window will do. I found that this product really helped to showcase the work.

My own children were so proud to see their stained glass art project on our windows at home!

My guess is that if you are looking to display your stained glass window art project, you may also want some tips and DIY art display ideas that I share. Sometimes art projects from children can look completely different when they are displayed the proper way!

What about store-bought stained glass kit for kids?

Now if after reading this you just simply don’t think you are going to take the time or mess to make the glue mixtures then here are some easy stained glass kits you may be interested in buying for a fun afternoon art activity!

Trust me, I get that sometimes you just want your kids to be creative, but you just simply can’t find the time or energy to organize one more mess.

Here are three different types of stained glass window kits that you can buy today

Melissa and Doug Stained Glass Kit: This kit is highly rated Amazon and seems to really great way to have a no-mess stained glass window project for kids. Kids will use pre-made “stickers” and have to match them into the sun-catcher like a puzzle. This is a great NO mess alternative to our DIY stained glass window project.

Klutz Color-In Stained Glass Kit: This is also very highly rated and has markers to create up to 18 make-it yourself stained glass windows.

Made by Me Stained Glass Kit: Here is a highly-rated stained glass kit for kids that involves paint (but all the paint and plastic templates) are already done for you!

I absolutely LOVE when people can’t believe kids created artworks. What is your favorite way to add color to your space?

DIY Stained glass art project for kids

Easy and fun stained glass art project for kids

We would love to hear how this art project went or any DIY projects you may have done!

This DIY stained glass art project for kids (or any store-bought kit) can really be fun and an easy way to add spread joy around your neighborhood!

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Saturday 24th of October 2020

I love DIY art projects! I've been working on line portraits and expect to hang a few :)

Nathalia | NathaliaFit

Friday 8th of May 2020

I don't commonly comment but I gotta say thank you for the post on this great one :D.


Thursday 9th of April 2020

What a fun activity for a rainy day! Thanks for sharing.


Thursday 9th of April 2020

Thanks! This is a great art project for kids!

Main Mom

Thursday 28th of February 2019

Absolutely beautiful! I've heard of the contact paper technique, but I think the transparencies would definitely be more affordable! Thanks!


Thursday 28th of February 2019

Wow! These are gorgeous! Will definitely be trying this soon!

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