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The Trick to Organizing Keepsakes: Make These DIY Memory Boxes

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Create an easy keepsake box to stay organized

Is your home overflowing with all the precious artworks, school pictures and everyday items that come along with having kids? If so, then you are not alone & these DIY memory box tips are great way to start cherishing those memories!

I know how overwhelming it can be to keep everything organized and neat. As I talk about organizing these keepsake boxes, the rest of my house is becoming completely unorganized.

Now that we have a few children, it is more important than ever to start creating these DIY memory boxes for each child.

Kid's artwork in an unorganized drawer


This is totally the drawer in my awesome DIY teal desk, that I have been throwing all of my son’s art projects, report cards, T-ball picture (you get the unorganized idea) into.

Since it was the start of the new year and organizing was on everyone’s mind, I decided to finally start a DIY memory keepsake box that I knew would help me stay organized for the next 18 or so years!

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Find the right file cabinet container

My husband originally just wanted me to use an old, refurbished file cabinet we have in the basement. However, I wanted something that I could physically give my kids when they were older. I honestly think by setting this memory boxes up the right way now, I will be able to easily be able to add important keepsakes as things come home.

Shop Plastic File Container Boxes

If you are like me, you will price shop around to find the best value for a plastic file container that works for you. Here are several that I would have considered buying.

Banker’s Box from Walmart

Iris 4 pk. Legal Size File Pack from Target

Sterilite 18.5″ x 14″ Plastic File Box Clear/Black from Target

Before placing things in these bins, you may be interested to find other ways and tips to display artworks before they permanently find their home in the DIY memory box.

2 black plastic file containers sitting on chair to be used as a file keepsake box

Okay…so I am always a DIY girl, but in order for these to be store nicely, I could not just repurpose cardboard boxes. I found these plastic filing bins that I knew would be perfect for our keepsake boxes!

Easy DIY Memory Boxes to store children's keepsakes

The next thing needed is wonderful hanging files. I did splurge and spend the extra dollar in order to get the rainbow color ones!

Looking for more DIY Art Displays for before you store in your memory?

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How to decorate a DIY memory box?

I wanted to keep the outside of my keepsake boxes pretty neat. The memory box design may change over time, but…

Hand transferring letters to memory box

I simply decided to use my easy letter transfer technique to place each of my kid’s names on their keepsake boxes. Below you can see how great the letters transferred to the black plastic of this file container.

Graphite on the back of paper after drawing transfer technique for lettering

I then used another one of my favorite art supplies (one that I love to use with kids as well) to fill in the lettering.

Organizing your DIY file keepsake box

First, you will need to figure out what categories you will like to have files for. I set mine up by age and will add a baby photo book in the beginning once I am done displaying those pictures around the house.

Will I ever get tired of looking at my children as babies??

You will need to make sure to purchase enough hanging folders for each category. Here are a few suggestions.

Memory box categories for folders

1. Drawings and special school projects by Age and Grade

2. Report Cards

3. Sports Folder

4. School pictures and certificates

5. First locks of hair/first tooth

6. Baby books (I make one of these books for each of my kids to keep all of the precious pictures from the first years!)

7. Extra photographs

8. Old Birthday Invitations

9. Notes from teachers and other adults in their lives

On the outside of each age file, I plan on putting a small school picture. I can’t wait to see how those pictures change over the years and I always have a few of those wallet-sized pictures left.

I also may put a few notes with my nicest handwriting about my child’s interests at the time. As my children get older, I may change these questions, but right now I think the questions might be:


Favorite Food:

Favorite thing to do:

Best Memory from this year:

Favorite TV Show:

Questions that 4 year old son answered on the outside of a file folder for DIY memory box

Create labels and starting filling your memory box with keepsakes

I decided to just write out my labels and went with categories to be school year. When attaching the plastic label holders, I also found that each folder I would attach it two more slots over. This allowed us to see each category when the hanging folders were in the keepsake boxes.

File labels and hanging folder for DIY memory box

It is fun to see your child’s memories organized!

I was able to fill my son’s 3-year-old with everything that I had saved from the previous year in my teal desk drawer. It really was fun and heartwarming to look at the school projects, report cards, and drawings. It truly did bring back so many memories.

I can only imagine how I will feel looking back on this priceless memory box in future years.

Files in DIY memory box

I am ecstatic for several reasons! First, my drawer finally became empty of all the things I was stashing in there. Secondly, I loved looking at all the photographs and other memories from just the first couple of years of my children’s lives.

Finally, I now know that I did the hard work in getting ORGANIZED now!

I just plan on filling my drawer and periodically through the year filing keepsakes in my children’s memory boxes for years to come!

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What is your favorite way to store your children’s keepsakes? I would love to hear any tips and organizational ideas that could go along with making these DIY memory boxes!

If you love this idea and are looking for a more professional way to display photos or memories, check out our DIY gallery wall. I love being able to see our memories every day (and I am sure you will love the tips I show you how to hang the perfect wall)!

I love my DIY memory boxes and hopefully, we inspired you to organize your precious keepsakes forever!

Hello! My name is Erin and I am a DIY nut. Currently, I live in Ohio with my beautiful family. My husband and I love making our house a home through DIY projects. I hope this site inspires you to become a DIY nut!


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