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How to Buy and Sell Things on Facebook: Learn the lingo to make money!

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Learn how to use Facebook to get items for your DIY projects

So I am the first one to say I was a little skeptical of using Facebook groups to buy and sell things. However, having children changed that. I realized I can buy and sell things on Facebook and easily make or save money!

I also LOVE using these groups to score free or cheap items for all of my DIY projects. Our Little Tykes playhouse makeover and this amazing mid-century modern dresser are two AWESOME examples of items I was able to score for FREE!

Free dresser found on Facebook Buy-Sell-Trade Groups
Free Midcentury Modern Dresser Found in Buy-Sell-Trade Groups on Facebook

The biggest learning curve I had to figure out in these groups, was the lingo people used in the BST (Buy-Sell-Trade) groups. Once you have a system down, it really is super simple to buy and sell things on Facebook.

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How do you find free things to give DIY makeovers?

-My favorite way to buy and sell things is through local Facebook Groups

-Garage sales

-Thrift stores

-Scanning great neighborhoods on trash day (my city has bulk pick-up day certain times a year and people LOVE to get rid of things then)

Garage sales more your thing? Check out tips from my DIY blogger friend at A Country Girl’s Life about how she using garage sales to make extra money!

Tips for using your local Facebook Groups

I recently starting to even SELL a lot of our old things in Facebook Buy-Sell-Trade groups. Check to see if you have one in your area or county. Normally you have to be accepted by administrators to be in the group. I guess they are trying to see if you are a real person.

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Buy Sell on Facebook

When you go to list your item in a group, Facebook will also ask if you would like to list in Facebook Marketplace. Sometimes I am able to sell things this way, but most of the time I have more success in the Facebook groups that have administrators that you can report problems to.

Warning about buying and selling on Facebook….

At least how I use Buy/Sell Trade groups, there is a certain amount of trust involved in transactions. If picking something up, my husband will normally go, as I do not feel comfortable going myself. I also try to see if the person has sold things before, etc.

If you ever have a doubt that something may not be safe, then ask to meet at a public location or even in your police station’s parking lot!

As for selling in these groups, I do porch pick-up or as some people list (PPU). I don’t have a porch, but I put a box by my garage with the items they are going to pick up. I keep my garage door closed. 

In the box, there is an envelope so that my buyer can come and grab what they purchased and place CASH in the envelope. I instruct my buyer via Facebook messenger about the procedure.

I don’t want to jinx myself, but so far so good on just starting to get rid of the junk and add new toys and furniture that I can makeover for my family’s needs!

Lingo and terminology used in Facebook Buy-Sell-Trade Groups

PPU-porch pick-up

EUC-Excellent Used Condition

Smoke-Free Home

Pet- Free Home

FCFS-First Come First Serve

NWT-New With Tags

NWOT-New Without Tags

PM-Private Message

OBO-Or Best Offer

NH-No holds

Be Patient using Facebook Buy-Sell-Trade Groups and Good LUCK!

Lastly, there is a little bit of LUCK, patience and persistence to score things for FREE! Just keep working at it eventually you will get something AWESOME that might just need a little extra love.

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