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10 Simple Dress-Up Storage Ideas To Inspire Imaginations

Is your house overflowing with toys and dress-up clothes? Here are awesome DIY and (a few store-bought) dress-up clothes storage ideas to help our little one’s imagination sore.

little girl dress-up clothes

Main Factor To Consider

The best type of dress-up storage is one that acts as part of the decor and truly allows the child easy access. I mean, playing dress-up is only fun if you can really use your imagination without always having to ask permission to get something down.

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What can you use to create a fun dress-up area?

Repurposing furniture is honestly one of the best ways to make a DIY dress-up wardrobe. You can make this fit your child’s personality. Whether you are storing superhero costumes or princess dresses a DIY wardrobe is a perfect solution.

Items you can consider redoing for dress-up clothes:

  • Bookcases
  • Old entertainment centers
  • Cube organizers
  • Old cabinets
  • Wooden crates
  • Old trunk
Dress up storage ideas with collage of different DIY dress-up ideas.

Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

If you don’t want to create a new piece of furniture or you simply don’t have the space, consider hanging hooks or a rod somewhere to store dress-up clothes. Command hooks are a great way to have a temporary storage solution that your child can reach.

Consider the following storage solutions for small spaces

  • Over the door hooks
  • Command hooks put at the child’s height
  • Corner shelf with hangers
  • Over-the-door organizer and roll dress-up items
  • Simple wall hooks with a mirror
  • Small clothing rack
  • Wall mounted towel bar at child’s height and hangers
  • Redo an old suitcase that could slide under a bed
  • Garment bags stored under the bed
  • Under bed storage boxes
  • Tension rod between a piece of furniture and wall with hangers
  • Wardrobe box

Sometimes you don’t even need a permanent storage solution. Just mounting a mirror with a bin could do the trick as well.

DIY Dress-Up Clothes Storage Solutions

superhero costume storage on hooks
Simple Hooks
A simple wall hook can be the perfect superhero costume storage idea. Costumes that are easily accessible will be played with more. The hooks also work well for those large superhero facemasks.
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Build Your Own Wooden Dress Up Rack
If you can't find anything that will work, make your own custom dress up clothes rack following these awesome instructions. We love that the bottom has a place to store items a little more out of sight (or at least just not directly on the floor).
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Repurposed entertainment center into children's wardrobe
Repurposed Entertainment Center Into Dress Up Storage
You won't believe what this DIY kid clothes wardrobe look like before. Let's just say it was an old entertainment center that was found at the end of someone's driveway for free. Think about repurposing old entertainment centers, bookshelves, and cabinets to create a unique and fun dress-up storage idea for your little ones.
TV Cabinet Makeover Tutorial
playroom with dress up storage in corner
Simple Wall Mounted Hanging Rack In Corner
This dress-up storage solution is great for small spaces since it can easily go in the corner of your playroom or even a bedroom. We love that a wall shelf like this also has space for hats and other dress-up accessories.
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How to Create a Simple Dress Up Storage Solution
Update a regular 3 x 3 cube storage shelving unit to create this fun and easy dress up storage solution for your playroom. Adding a spring rod was a completely genius way to get a lot of extra storage.
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4 Dress-up storage pieces you can purchase

Sometimes you just don’t want to take on a huge DIY project. Here are a few cute dress-up storage solutions that you can purchase. Click on the corresponding number below the image to check out more information.

Whether purchasing or making your own dress-up clothes storage remember the most important part is allowing children to have fun. Sometimes it is okay to just play and organize later!

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Trust us, your children will love having a designated dress-up space and you will love keeping those costumes organized!

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