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Best Capiz Shell Chandeliers & Lighting Fixtures

One of the things we get complimented most on is our unique chandeliers. Here is a list of the top capiz shell lights you can buy. Trust us, we are so happy we splurged and bought lighting we love.

West Elm capiz shell light fixture.

We love our DIY projects. However, it is really hard to DIY light fixtures and chandeliers. I have seen some really cool DIY light projects, but for some reason, it just isn’t something on our list (right now).

I always spend a lot of time researching products before I buy them. Therefore, I figured even though this is not a DIY project, you will still want to know my list of the best capiz shell chandeliers (and ones that I thought would go along with it).

*Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are our own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission. Read our full privacy policy.

Hanging Rectangle Capiz Shell Chandelier

I absolutely fell in love with this modern capiz chandelier when I saw it over 5 years ago! I knew then, that I had to buy it for our dining room at the time (now turned eclectic DIY home office).

This rectangular capiz shell chandelier was such a fun purchase, that everyone comments on it when they come over. I love that this particular model is also rectangular. When we knew we were going to change our dining room to a home office, a lot of my DIY decisions were based on keeping the light in place.

This capiz light fixture is just the best (and I still feel that way 5 years later)!

My office capiz shell chandelier from West Elm also looks more expensive due to the shape of the shells. They are not all uniform and round, but more rectangular. The artist in me really appreciates the variety in capiz shell shapes!

The Only Con

The only con would be that it does take a while to set up. West Elm carefully packages this light and wraps the strands. Therefore, you have to unwrap a lot of the shells (but hey, I would rather have it not be broken).

What goes capiz shell light fixture looks good over a kitchen island?

Zig zag capiz shell chandelier from West Elm

Capiz Zig Zag Chandelier – White

My concern was going to be having a matchy/matchy light fixture problem. I actually may love this capiz chandelier more than the one in my home office.

It really added to our DIY kitchen remodel and fit in with our eclectic, fun style. The chandelier is adjustable to hang pretty much to the height you want and creates a very cool effect on the ceiling when on. It is more structured than its looser counterpart in my office.

Pro To Zig Zag Chandelier

Not to mention this capiz lighting fixture was much easier to install because the capiz shade came in one piece. 

red button with our favorite light

Cheaper Amazon Option

Check out this more budget-friendly capiz shell chandelier from Amazon with pretty high ratings.

What are capiz shells?

Since I am talking so much about capiz shell lighting fixtures, here is a little background on the material. Capiz shells come from windowpane oysters and have been used for centuries as a replacement for glass. They are pretty durable and have wonderful translucency to them.

close-up view of capiz shells on chandelier.

Where can you buy capiz shell lights?

  • West Elm (where most of these came from)
  • Pottery Barn
  • World Market
  • Home Goods
  • Amazon
  • Wayfair

Other Lights To Consider

Now before I purchased the two light capiz shell light fixtures I mentioned above, I considered the following other light fixtures for various reasons.

Best Capiz Shell Lights

1. Zig Zag Chandelier 2.White Capiz Bell Raina Pendant Lamp 3. Tear Drop Chandelier (CB2) 4. Capiz Petal Flush Mount Light 5. Large Capiz Lotus Pendant Shade 6. Large Capiz Chandelier 7. Hanging Capiz Chandelier

What other light fixtures go with a capiz shell light fixture?

One of the hardest things to figure out after we purchased our capiz shell chandeliers was what other light fixtures we should add. We needed to update a foyer light fixture, pendant light, and kitchen dining room light fixture.

If you are trying to figure out what light fixtures would go well in your home, check out this Better Homes and Garden article that talks about all the different types of light options. I was concerned with making the lights too “matchy matchy”.

I researched all sorts of other light fixtures that would have worked to help fill the other vacant spots in our home. 

No “Matchy-Matchy” Looks Here

We decided to use various lights from glass pendants to beaded light fixtures to complete our boho chic look.

Here are the following capiz lighting chandelier and other lighting fixtures we chose to complement our large hanging capiz chandelier in white from West Elm.

Kitchen Light Fixture To Complement

We debated back and forth about moving the electrical box so that our light fixture would hang directly over our table.

The problem with this is patching the ceiling and then possibly having to repaint the whole ceiling (and we just did not want to do that).

Bubble glassed single hanging chandelier over kitchen table

Therefore our challenge was to find a light fixture that worked with the capiz shell chandeliers we already had installed and one that would swag.

We ended up getting this pebbled glass light fixture. Simple and works well. I love that It has little bubbles in the glass. It hides dust better than its completely clear counterparts.

Unfortunately, at this time, I am not seeing that you can still purchase this lighting fixture. However, World Market does have a lot of new fixtures that I wish they would have had when I was shopping!

Complementary Pendant Lights

Here is the single pendant light to go with Capiz Zig Zag Chandelier that I placed over my kitchen sink.

Single Pendant Light Fixture over kitchen sink

We chose a retro clear glass pendant to go over our kitchen sink.

Biggest Con

It is a little bit of a pain to clean clear glass.

I was concerned with having clear glass there, but it hasn’t been too bad to keep clean and I do love how it looks.

Foyer Light

Our foyer and front door are right off of where our old dining room and now our home office are located. Therefore, it was important that our new foyer light fixture would go with the capiz chandeliers we already installed.

Since we had purchased the simple pendant light, we purchased a 3-light adjustable pendant light fixture to keep our fun style consistent.

Sculptural Glass 3-Light Chandelier

They have a variety of glass shades (shapes, colors, and sizes) to choose from. The pendant shape we chose is Geo shaped, clear glass, and medium-sized.

This long-hanging chandelier was perfect for our foyer because we were able to adjust the heights of the cords to the length we needed. As you can see our ceiling is slanted in the part and finding a light fixture that would work there took some time.

Again, the con with this light fixture is the clear glass and cleaning it. However, they do offer this light in a variety of glass shades and colors.

Our Related Home Decor Posts

See what our kitchen island looks like now after painting our kitchen lower kitchen cabinets green (don’t worry the Zig Zag Capiz Chandelier is still over the island).

Best Capiz Shell Lighting Fixtures

Capiz Lights On My Wish List

Yes, we still have good old “boob” lights in our home. If you don’t know what those are here is an example of the class flush mount light.

Soon on our agenda, I would love to find flush mount lighting that would work with our other fixtures. Because of my whole matchy/matchy problem, I probably won’t get these (even though I LOVE them).

I will still be on the search for the perfect classic flush mount lights to go with the funky light fixtures we already have a place. Let me know if you have any ideas of products that might work! I will keep you all updated!

Our Lighting FAQs

What type of bulbs do you have in these lights?

We have an Edison bulb in ours, but you must like that look. We did not purchase the Edison bulbs from West Elm but found them cheaper on Amazon.

Now, what are you waiting for, see how new light fixtures can change your space. You may even love one of these capiz shell light fixtures that captured our hearts!

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Friday 8th of May 2020

These are such pretty chandeliers!!


Friday 8th of May 2020

Hi Caroline! Yes, I just love how these capiz shell chandeliers change a space.


Friday 8th of May 2020

I love these. A stunning lighting feature really makes a room! Beautiful. Thanks for sharing - Danielle


Friday 8th of May 2020

Hi Danielle! These light fixtures truly made all the difference in our home!

Lisa Marie Alioto

Friday 8th of May 2020

I need new fixtures before I sell my place so the timing of your article was perfect! Great showcase of these fixtures!


Friday 8th of May 2020

Yes! I would imagine that a light fixture is one of those items that you will for sure see a return on when selling your home. People remember some of the little touches to help seal the deal!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.