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8 DIY Projects Using Red Mahogany Stain

We totally have a favorite stain color: Red Mahogany. Here are all of our different DIY projects that use this color. I am sure this list will continue to grow because anytime we try to change to a different color, we always end back with our favorite.

wood with red mahogany stain on it.

What is red mahogany stain?

We use Minwax Red Mahogany on a variety of woods and DIY projects. We think this color is a rich brown with slight reddish tones. It is not nearly as “RED” as other stain colors that contain that word. This stain also looks good on a variety of wood species.

I would also say that while we are “DIY’ers” we are not professionals. Therefore, this stain color seems to be pretty forgiving and easy to work with.

Better oil paints and stain brush applying satin poly

How To Use Stain

Depending on the size of the DIY project or how dark we want the color to be our methods vary just slightly.

  1. Make sure your wood is clean and dry. Consider using wood conditioner.
  2. Brush on the stain. Most of the time we either throw the brush away or will use paint thinner to clean.
  3. Leave the stain on for 5-15 minutes, depending on how dark you want the stain to appear. Again, for our smaller DIY projects the whole surface is stained, and then by the time you can go back and wipe, you are ready to go.
  4. Make sure projects are completely dry. Add polyurethane in at least two coats. In between coats, you need to rough up with extra fine sandpaper lightly before applying the next coat.

Shop and Compare Red Mahogany Stain Colors

We are DIY nuts! So, of course, we always want to try to find our supplies in the cheapest and easiest way possible. Sometimes that is ordering it online and sometimes it means going to your local hardware store.

Minwax Red Mahogany: Lowe’s | Amazon

Home Depot (a different brand that we have not used, but some of you may like this stain line better)

Red Mahogany Minwax Stain

Here are 8 DIY projects using our favorite stain color. From repurposed wood builds to brand new tongue and groove ceilings.

Staining Tips

  • Sometimes for smaller projects, you can use an old cotton t-shirt or rag to rub on the stain in the direction of the grain.
  • Using a cheaper brush will give you the option to throw it away if you don’t want to clean it with paint thinner.
  • You can create different test boards on scrap wood to see the time you want to leave the stain on.

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Do you have a favorite stain or paint color? We would love to hear from you. I know we will continue to use our favorite red mahogany stain color!

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