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Tips For Finding Matching Gold Bathroom Fixtures (It Should Be Easier)

If you are thinking of using gold or brass fixtures in your bathroom, you must read this post. To create a cohesive look, we searched high and low to mix and match different gold bathroom fixtures.

collage of gold bathroom fixtures in a bathroom.

Gold Fixtures In Our Bathroom

If you want a quick breakdown of the fixtures we bought, click the link below or head to our LTK shop for more information.

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Names Of Goldish Finishes

Some of the fixtures we used had the variety of names listed below. Obviously, the easiest would be to purchase a whole set to ensure it matches completely. However, we wanted to mix and match based on pricing.

  • ANTIQUE BRASS or ANTIQUE GOLD – tends to have a more copper tone and richer yellow appearance.
  • BRUSHED MODERNE BRASS or BRUSHED GOLD – Slightly more yellow and lighter tones than antique counterparts.
  • CHAMPANGE GOLD or GOLDEN CHAMPANGE – Slightly rose-colored gold, but not overpowering. When compared to Antique Brass or Gold, you only truly notice when items are right next to each other.
  • GOLD – Some of the budget items on our list have the color gold listed and worked well in the space.


All golds can’t be the same, but in our lighting here are our conclusions.

  1. BRUSHED MODERN BRASS was very similar to the ANTIQUE BRASS of our light fixture.
  2. The fixtures only labeled GOLD also matched well.
  3. GOLDEN CHAMPANGE was the most different tone, but still was very close.

Makeover Old Metal Finishes

If you have an item in great shape but need to change the color, consider using Rubb and Buff. We used this to change the edge of our mirror to match the current finishes in the bathroom.

hand holding rag wiping gold on mirror edge.

Bathroom Light Fixture

I hesitated to splurge and buy this West Elm vanity light with geometric globes. However, this light was a perfect solution to add a modern look to our bathroom remodel. We are super happy we spent the extra money to get what we wanted.

bathroom vanity with gold light fixture and faucet.

Gold Bathroom Faucet

This widespread Kohler Faucet in Moderne Antique Brass was a great addition to our bathroom vanity makeover.

gold widespread bathroom faucet.

Other Bathroom Kohler Faucets In The Same Finish

Cabinet Hardware Pulls

driftwood looking oak cabinets with gold handles.

When you look at the product imagery on the Amazon page, this hardware looks a lot lighter than it actually is. For being a budget hardware option, we were so pleasantly surprised that we also put these in our home office built-ins.

gold hardware pulls on light blue office drawers.

Gold Board and Batten Hooks

For a budget find, these gold hooks worked well. The only small con is that the screw on the bottom sticks out a little. But overall they match and work with our fixtures.

gold wall hooks on wood blue board.

Shower Curtain Rod and Rings

At first, we planned to purchase the matching West Elm shower curtain rod, but we wanted to try to find a budget option. The gold color worked well with the other finishes. The double-sided hooks were also a budget find. They are a little more yellow, but no one really notices that.

pink shower curtain with gold rod and hooks.

Towel Ring

It is not our nature to spend a lot on extra accessories, but after trying different gold towel rings, we are happy with this final choice.

West elm gold towel hook on blue wood board.

Save and Splurge Options

We tried to find a budget-friendly option for a few items. In both cases below, we went with the more expensive item.


At first, I attempted to get this Amazon light. While the color worked, the light bulbs were not bright enough for our space. We are happy we Splurged on the West Elm vanity light.

two gold lights and two gold towel rings with splurge and save text overlay.

Towel Rings

We also purchased this towel ring first as a budget-friendly option. While the color worked, we ended up wanting the more sturdy ring to match our light fixtures.

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Other Bathroom Items Purchased

bathroom with wood vanity, light blue walls and gold fixtures.
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More Bathroom DIY Projects

Here are a few bathroom projects we took to makeover this space and others in our home.

We love it when you are able to change a space and add your own touch to it. A small bathroom reno is a perfect time to experiment with different finishes (like our gold fixtures).

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