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Don’t Paint Your Oak Cabinets! Do These Things Instead

If you want an updated kitchen but don’t have time to paint your cabinets, then this post is for you. Keep reading to discover 12 ways you can makeover your small oak kitchen today.

oak kitchen cabinets in modern looking kitchen makeover.

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In our home, we have chosen to go the route of painting our kitchen cabinets and even repainting them. However, there are ways to update your oak kitchen cabinets without painting. This small kitchen makeover may have you rethinking your next kitchen DIY project.

Can oak cabinets look modern?

Finding the right color scheme to complement your oak cabinets, decor, and style will update your space. Our friends bought this amazing lakehouse and chose to do just that. From your countertops to hardware, adding modern elements to oak cabinets can really make an impact. Use these 12 ways to modernize your 90s oak cabinets without painting them.

The Before Kitchen

The red walls, mosaic backsplash, and plaid drapes gave this room a dated feel.

Before kitchen makeover with oak cabinets, red walls.

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The Makeover Plan

Here is a rough sketch of the main ideas used to completely makeover this small kitchen without tearing everything out. You will absolutely love the final results and how they were able to do this on a budget!

kitchen makeover plan while keeping oak kitchen cabinets.

1. Clean The Cabinets

Seriously, have you ever seen how much grime can accumulate on kitchen cabinets? Take a wet towel or kitchen cleaner and get the grime off. Look at the cabinets up close and in all the little grooves dust can sit. A simple wiping can make all the difference.

2. Add a Modern Backsplash and Grout Color

We absolutely love the geometric backsplash they chose in this kitchen. While the color is simple, the shape of the tiles adds a more modern feel. Not to mention they played off of their black matte hardware when choosing their grout color.

two white picket fence mosaic tiles on concrete.
These white ceramic picket tile sheets fit easily together.

Don’t want to replace your kitchen backsplash completely?

Check out how we were able to paint our kitchen backsplash tile in our cheap kitchen makeover. Honestly, it is one of the best (and easiest) DIY projects we have ever done.

3. Replace A few Upper Cabinets With Open Shelving

There are mixed reviews on open shelving, but taking a few cabinets down added so much style to this kitchen and showcased the awesome modern backsplash. You can make your own floating DIY shelves or buy premade ones that match your existing cabinets.

geometric white backsplash tile with oak open floating shelves and accessories.

4. Change Out The Cabinet Hardware

This might seem like a no-brainer, but sometimes all cabinets need is a little refresh with new hardware. These matte black handles and contemporary knobs can bring a whole new look to the kitchen. 

two matte black hardware knobs on white table with text overlay matte black knobs used.

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Can you use spray paint on your old kitchen hardware?

You for sure can! When we added laundry room cabinets & shelving, we had a mix of metals that I wasn’t vibing with. We could have purchased new handles like the ones above but we were able to spray paint the silver handles we already had. 

You could do the same when considering updating your oak cabinet hardware.

handles being sprayed with black spray paint.

Frequently touched handles may have a limited life span once spray painted, but properly cleaning will help the paint adhere. On the other hand, hinges are rarely touched and are the perfect thing to spray paint to match your modern decor.

5. Change The Faucet Finish

The matte black sink hardware complements the white counters and oak cabinets. Shopping for black matte sink faucets doesn’t have to ruin your budget. Stores now carry all sorts of styles at different price points.

black kitchen faucet hardware with white counters and oak cabinets.

6. Replace The Countertops

This is the priciest suggestion on this list. Our friends did not have a ton of counter space, so they could achieve this without breaking the bank. And by adding a premade island they saved money by not having to put a custom countertop there. Mixing and matching different surfaces can save you money.

white quartz countertop with gray veining.
Andes White Quartz

Changing your countertops to a more modern and airy style can make a difference. Our friends went with a faux white marble quartz that added a clean element to the space.

They were able to give a fresher feeling to their kitchen by adding more light and bright colors to the surrounding elements.

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7. Paint A Light Color On Your Walls & Trim

The “before” dated red painted walls made this kitchen feel small. The space immediately opened up by using a bright white color on the trim & walls.

The classic color palette of neutral brown, white, and black will always stay on trend. You can always add fun colors to your accessories and items you choose to display.

oak kitchen cabinets with new white island and stainless steel appliances.

8. Add A Pre-Made Kitchen Island

The original kitchen did not have an island. Instead of trying to match the cabinets, you can purchase a premade island or cart that could work. As you can see in the before picture, taping out the dimensions will help you visualize your space with the new addition. 

Don’t be afraid to add color, repaint, or make the piece completely different than the surrounding cabinets. Finish your decor by adding modern stools.

9. Replace Some Door Fronts With Glass

The upper corner cabinet already had a glass front. However, if you don’t have that, you could always consider changing some of your upper cabinet doors to help break up the wall of oak cabinetry. Display cool cookbooks or dishes to really add some flavor to your kitchen remodel.

10. Change Your Light Fixtures

Have fun mixing materials and textures in your space. The neutral hanging lights exude boho-chic while still working with the oak cabinets. The basket light fixture is awesome but we could also see a capiz shell light there as well.

basket light shade hanging.

11. Add Modern Furniture & Decor

Our friends snagged an awesome leather couch and other fun decor items for the open living room by buy-sell-trade. With our tips, you can score cheap home items and learn the lingo of the FB marketplace and BST groups.

The brown leather color plays off the oak cabinets to give a complete mid-century feel. The contemporary furniture gives the feeling that the oak cabinets were always supposed to be part of the original design.

white geometric backsplash with black grout and glasses on wooden floating shelf.

12. Buy new appliances

In this kitchen makeover, one oak cabinet was removed and a dishwasher was added for functional reasons. The range and refrigerator were also replaced. The stainless steel and modern appliances help to visually break up the line of oak cabinets that were previously there.

If this isn’t in the budget, white appliances would still feel modern in this space. Just give them a fresh cleaning.


  • When choosing a wall color to complement oak cabinets, consider lighter colors with slightly warm undertones, such as warm whites, light sage greens, or creams.
  • If matte black hardware is not your thing, you could consider bronze, champagne gold, or other modern brass hardware options.
  • Keep the permanent fixtures neutral. You can always add color with accessories and decor that can be easily changed.

The Before and After Kitchen

I don’t know about you, but these ideas will make me reconsider painting cabinets.

before oak kitchen cabinets and after with modern ideas.

Room Sources

Here are links to some of the exact or very close to the exact products used.

collage of basket lights, oak cabinet, white island, black stools and black kitchen faucet.

Makeover FAQs

What countertops go well with honey oak cabinets?

White counters or white counters with slight veins go well with oak cabinetry. Consider a granite color like Super White, which is meant to look like Carrara marble, or Colonial White for a warmer color and a modern feel.

How do you make honey oak cabinets look good?

Add bright and crisp colors to the walls, backsplash tiles, and appliances. A pure white color can help brighten a space with honey oak cabinets. White or stainless steel appliances will also help bounce light around and make your kitchen feel larger.

Are oak kitchen cabinets making a comeback?

More and more modern kitchen designs show lighter wood cabinets or a mixture of wood and colored cabinetry. To modernize your oak kitchen cabinets, consider refacing your oak cabinet boxes with newer-style doors such as Shaker, adding modern hardware, and adding soft-close drawers.

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