10 Screened-In Porch Decorating Ideas For Any Budget

Whether you redid an old porch or just built a new one, your screened-in porch is an extension of your home. Get inspired to decorate your outdoor living space to feel homey and a great place you want to be anytime the weather allows.

two loveseats with cushions in screened in porch.

Our Porch Design

Our large composite deck and back porch were fun additions around here. When designing our outdoor space, we chose gray composite decking with white and black railings. Keeping our color scheme neutral gave us a lot of great options when it came to picking decorative items and decor.

gray composite decking with black and white rails and wood ceiling.

Before You Begin

Before you begin decorating your space, consider its main function. Do you plan to have family dinners there, or is it more of an outdoor living room for hanging out?

If you like large family dinners, you need a large outdoor table. But if you like just hanging out, you can create a nice seating area with coffee tables.

10 Outdoor Decor Ideas

1. Buy Comfortable Furniture

Just like in your living room, you want your outdoor furniture to be comfortable. Even though this is a covered space, your best bet is to go with all-weather furniture. Now in days, some lines of outdoor furniture can compete with the best indoor furniture lines.

man putting together outdoor couch in porch.
Here we are putting together our 3 outdoor loveseats.

There are price points for all types of patio furniture. Don’t always buy the cheapest items as you will end up replacing them soon.

Consider Replacing Just The Cushions

If the frame of your outdoor furniture is in good condition, consider just upgrading your cushions or even throw pillows. Next year, we plan to upgrade the set below with Sunbrella cushions that we even saw for a great price at a warehouse store.

Some modern styles include resin wicker furniture, outdoor metal furniture or wood furniture with outdoor cushions.

Brown Wicker Outdoor chair in screened-in porch

2. Mix and Match Textures

Whether you add outdoor rugs or unique ottomans, you can create a cozy vibe with a variety of textures in your decor. You can even add fun curtains, outdoor pillows or a comfy throw to cuddle up with on a nice Fall night.

3. Make The Ceiling An Accent

Porch ceilings can add a ton of visual interest to your screen-in porch. Consider using a tongue-groove ceiling with stain for a warm and inviting space. Add a contrasting ceiling fan for a functional yet decorative touch.

celing fan in peaked stained wood porch ceiling.

4. Keep It Clean

We know that is not the most fun concept on this list, but a clean deck & porch will make you want to be out there. One thing we constantly have to do on our porch is wipe the outside of the screens. You would shocked at how much dirt can accumulate each week.

5. Add Different Types Of Lights

From solar lights, and string lights to fairy lights there are a lot of ways to add ambiance to your existing porch. You can even use command hooks to help hang your string lights without drilling.

We did a lot of research when it came to which string lights were best and within budget. We are very happy with the ones we chose!

string lights in porch with wood ceiling.

6. Put Screens On The Floor Under Boards

If you are building a composite deck and screened-in porch as new, consider adding screens in the floor. By doing this, you are keeping the bugs out of the whole space. The only place they can come in on our porch is right under the doors and we like those chances.

7. Utilize All Space

Whether that means you add extra poufs that double as seats or end tables or a bar cart that can have different items on it for different occasions. Consider finding furniture pieces that can have multiple purposes.

concrete end table by outdoor couch with cream cushions.
We are very happy with our outdoor loveseat purchase.

8. Consider Privacy

Depending on the location of your porch, you will want to consider building a privacy wall or using something to give you your own private space. Green plants, outdoor curtains or trees planted along your porch can help you create a relaxing place.

9. Shop Your House First

Maybe you have a piece of art, coasters or end table that could work in your outdoor space. Save money & give life to a new item that you may already have.

marbled flower pots done with spray paint.
These fun pots with a DIY marble effect are perfect on our porch.

10. Repurpose Items

Head to your local thrift store or flea market for inspiration and think outside the box when searching for planters for potted plants or extra decor items. Or have fun making your own pots to match your decor. The sky is the limit when repurposing or DIYing decor!

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screened in porch with gray composite decking and outdoor furniture inside.

More Outdoor DIYs

The best part about screened-in porches is that they can add so much functional space to your home no matter what style you love. Grab a cocktail, coffee and a good book and get some fresh air without having to worry about those bugs.

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