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22+ Easy Storage Shelving Ideas You Can DIY Today

If you have limited experience with power tools but want extra storage, this list is for you. DIY storage shelves are the perfect beginner project to try no matter what your style is.

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Even if you’ve never picked up a power tool before, we’ve got you covered with simple and practical shelf ideas that will add extra storage space to any room.

Tips For Installing Shelves

  • Locate Wall Studs: Before mounting shelves, use a stud finder to locate wall studs. Attaching shelves to studs provides better support and stability.
  • Use Appropriate Anchors: If you can’t attach shelves to wall studs, use high-quality wall anchors suitable for the weight of the shelves and the items you plan to place on them. Just make sure you follow the recommended limits so that you do not put too much weight on these shelves.
  • Level and Measure: Ensure that your DIY wall shelves are level and evenly spaced. Use a bubble level and measuring tape for accuracy. No one wants a crooked top shelf.
  • Pre-Drill Holes: Before screwing or attaching brackets to the wall, pre-drill holes to prevent splitting the wood or damaging the wall.
  • Freestanding Shelves: Consider anchoring or using safety measures for any freestanding shelf or bookcase. You do not want a child to be able to tip a shelf frame over.

19 Easy Shelves You Can Build

bathroom shelf made from reclaimed wood and pipes with be brave sign.
Easy Pipe Wooden Shelves
Using shelf brackets is one of the easiest ways to install shelving. Pipe flanges can help turn that blank wall into extra storage. While this bathroom shelf uses reclaimed wood you can get a custom look to fit your home decor with different colors, wooden boards or wood stains.
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Nursery Wire Basket Shelves
Wire baskets are another great DIY shelving idea to try that seems pretty easy to complete. You will love how quickly you are able to store things in your child’s room, nursery, or play area.
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Spice racks used for DIY baby nursery ideas
Spice Racks As Shelving
You can use different types of shelves in unique ways. Spray-painting IKEA spice racks create a practical shelf for your baby's room. Be able to easily display small items and memories in very little time.
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How to Make and Install Pallet Bookshelves with Knobs for Bonus Storage!
This shelving idea does require some power tools and sanding, but we love that it reuses pallet or barn wood you may already have.
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Quick & Practically Free Pallet Wine Rack [Super Easy!]
If you would rather store wine instead of books you could make this shelf out of your pallet wood.
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Farmhouse Bracket Shelves
There are endless possibilities when it comes to adding practical shelves using brackets. This detailed tutorial will show you exactly how to install your long shelves to work in your space.
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The Easiest DIY Shelves Tutorial for $10
Again, a wall shelf with a bracket is one of the easiest open shelving you can make. You can even ask a hardware store to cut your wood boards for you. Just double check your brackets are level and have fun adding your own decor to the empty space.
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DIY crate bookshelf room divider
Super Easy DIY Crate Shelves
This brilliant and easy shelf idea uses premade crates to create division in a studio apartment. We love that this bookcase provides storage and functionality to this small space. It is hard to believe that this was made for under $100!
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DIY Closet Shelves The Lazy Girl Way
These simple DIY shelves really added storage to this linen closet. Be inspired with this step-by-step tutorial to create your own custom shelving while being budget-friendly.
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basement kid craft room with blue accent wall, painted chairs and l-shaped desk.
Easy Pegboard Shelf (Not Using Wood)
Guess what? This easy DIY shelf for your craft room is made only using cardboard and contact paper. We just love that we were able to recycle while helping organize our children's craft room.
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upcycled floating shelf text with tray turned into shelf
Upcycled Floating Rope Shelf
This is a very unique shelving idea. If you don’t like using power tools, but you love creating inexpensive DIY projects, then this upcycle DIY hanging shelf is for you.
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Collapsible Storage Shelves for Mudroom
This brilliant shelving idea is not permanent but can be used whenever you just need a little extra storage. We love the idea of having a place for all those extra boots and coats in the winter.
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acrylic glass shelves across window for plants
Gorgeous Acrylic Shelves on Walls or in Windows
Do you want to grow plants indoors, but just don't have access to natural light? This DIY shelving project is perfect to get you the extra storage to not only display those flower pots but also a place to let those plants grow.
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DIY Glass Window Shelves
Here is a different tutorial teaching how to add glass or acrylic shelves across your window. This is the perfect place to grow your herbs all year round.
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wooden wall plant shelf with pot
Make DIY Plant Shelves Using Wood Slices
Are you looking for another plant shelf idea that could work in small spaces? You will love these simple shelving made from wooden planks. You can use this rustic plant shelf in all sorts of ways.
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rainbow popsicle stick DIY hexagon DIY shelf
Modern Popsicle Stick Shelf Tutorial
Get your kiddos involved in working on this DIY shelving option. We love the fun colors and everyone will be amazed at this easy DIY project.
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Repurposed Chair Shelf!
Do you have an old chair that needs a new life? Why not turn it into a very unique DIY shelf? We love that you can easily add a towel hanging bar or key ring hook to the bottom.
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DIY Industrial Bookshelves
Another great Ikea shelving hack that will inspire you to be creative today. You can see how you transform a simple Ikea shelving unit with a little paint from the hardware store.
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DIY Toy Shelves from a Used Tire
Repurposing old items is always a good idea. It can really work for DIY shelves and this tire shelf is no exception. Just add wood planks and prime and paint your tire to fit your color scheme.
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Geometric Shelf DIY Dollar Tree Hack!
Just use a little craft or wood glue to 4 Dollar Store triangular shelves to create one larger shelf. You can attach this to the wall or leave it freestanding.
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plain bookcase and upcylced bookcase with books
DIY Collage of Pages Bookcase
Have an old bookcase that you want to redo? This decoupage method will revamp your bookshelf. Readers unite!
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macrame wood slice shelf hanging.
Easy Macrame Floating Shelf
If you can tie a knot, you can make this adorable shelf idea. Decorate this cute shelf with all of your fun home decor items to showcase your personality.
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How can I build shelves without power tools?

You will likely want to use a drill to help install most wall shelving. You can always ask a hardware store to precut wood boards to size to limit the power tools needed.

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Building your own shelves doesn’t have to be hard and can easily reflect your style with the added bonus of adding extra storage. Whether you choose rustic, modern, or eclectic designs, these ideas can help you create a more organized and beautiful living space.

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