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How To Make A DIY Wooden Shoe Organizer

If you are looking for an easy shoe rack idea then this DIY project is for you. Learn how to build this easy DIY garage shoe rack for your garage.

DIY wooden shoe rack in garage

Build This Shoe Organizer This Afternoon

No one told me that when we had children, our house would be overflowing with things, clothes and toys. And shoes are no exception. We were finding piles of little kid’s shoes everywhere and one of the most unorganized spaces was in our garage. Therefore, we knew we need to come up with a DIY shoe organizer that would help keep our garage somewhat organized.

If you are looking for a polished shoe organizer, then this is not it. This simple wooden DIY shoe rack is “industrial” as my husband described it. But it totally helps keep our garage organized. Our children now know exactly where to place their shoes before coming in the house.

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How To Build A Wooden Shoe Rack For Your Garage

This wooden DIY project can be created using nicer wood or finishing touches. However, our garage is more of a utilitarian space so simple basic wood was just fine.

We ended up making this shoe organizer taller than a bench seat. You could make this at only the height of a bench, but we decided we wanted boots and as many shoes as possible to fit.

Shoe pile before organized in garage

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Hammer Drill (for drilling into the concrete floor)

*if wood floor then a regular drill and bit will work

Drill (for pre-drilling holes)

Screw gun

Torpedo level

Tape measure

Circular saw

Speed square


Need a new circular saw or screw gun? Check out some of the combo deals you can have shipped right to your home.


Tapcon concrete screws and drill bit

3” long wood screws

2×4’s (use pressure-treated if the area will be wet)

2×10’s (use pressure-treated if the area will be wet)

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Unorganized shoes that need organized with a diy shoe rack

How many pairs of shoes can fit in this DIY shoe rack?

My husband thinks that we are able to fit around 30 pairs of our family’s shoes neatly in our rack. We have younger children, so some of those pairs are not that big. You could build this to fit any space in your garage. The next time I decide to clean-up our garage steps with some paint, I may end up priming and painting this shoe rack as well.

What else could you use to build a shoe rack?

Large PVC pipe shoe rack can be a great option to help organize shoes. We built one for our laundry and love having more shoe storage.

DIY Shoe Rack Tutorial

1. On a piece of paper, draw and plan the desired size. Once the size is known make a list of corresponding board sizes to pre-cut the lumber.

2. Layout (draw on the ground) location and size of shoe rack overall footprint. For reference, our shoe rack is 18”s deep (wide) x 38”s long x 36”s tall.

3. Pre-cut all of the lumber.

4. Using the hammer drill, drill into the concrete floor.

Tapacons anchoring garage wooden shoe rack

5. Using the tapcon concrete screws – screw through the first 2×4 into the concrete floor. At the end of the 2 x 4s you should drill a pilot hole with a regular drill bit first. Drilling a pilot hole at all locations will keep the ends of the lumber from splitting.

6. Once the 2 boards are secured to the concrete floor put another 2 x 4 directly on top of the boards attached with the tapcons. Use wood screws to attach this new 2 x 4.

The two 2×4’s will each be 3”s tall at this point and will provide a secure base in which to attach the vertical 2×4’s.

7. Next using wood screws attach the vertical 2×4’s that will determine the height of the overall structure.

Torpedo level used to build DIY shoe rack

8. On the inside face of the now attached vertical 2×4’s install two 2×4’s that will support the base of the first rack. Our lowest 2×4’s at installed at 10.5”s off the ground.

9. Put two 2×10’s on top of the inside face 2×4’s for the first shelf.

How to Build A Garage Shoe Organizer with drill and shoes piled up

10. Repeat the above steps until the shelf is finished.

Wooden shoe organizer
Garage wooden shoe rack

My husband was able to complete this project in an afternoon since we already had all of the scrap wood and supplies on hand. 

DIY wooden shoe rack in garage

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I am so happy that the pile of shoes that used to lay in the middle of our garage floor is now nicely organized in our DIY wooden shoe rack!

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