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How To Make A Small Laundry Room Look Bigger

Do you have a tiny laundry room to work with? If you are like us then you knew you would have to make the most of your utility room. We searched for ways that other DIY friends have used their provided square footage to make a functional space. Here are 13+ DIY laundry room ideas that are functional and stylish.

13 clever laundry room ideas with image of cabinets and clothes hanging in laundry room.

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If you are lucky enough to have a dedicated space for laundry, there are a few things that will instantly help make your laundry room. From open shelves to where you store your ironing board here are DIY ways to gain more storage space.

Small laundry area ideas (these ideas work even in very small laundry rooms)

  • Stack your washer and dryer
  • Attach a towel rack or large hardware pull under your cabinets to hang clothes.
  • Add hooks (and more hooks). Even our DIY wall hooks would work here.
  • Create a storage system whether a DIY spot for baskets or hampers to hang.
  • Use the complete height of your space. Add taller wall cabinets or DIY shelving.
  • Add a fun accent wall or wallpaper (see the cool examples below).
  • Add a laundry shelf above your washer and dryer.
  • Add a single rod or wall-mounted drying rack that can come down when needed.
  • If you have a front-loader washer and dryer, adding a countertop on top can really give you that extra folding space.
  • Use a lighter color on your walls
  • Have fun with paint colors and cabinet colors (you may want to come to this space more often)

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What color should you paint a small room?

Normally we suggest that small bathrooms and laundry rooms be painted a light color. This is especially true if you do not have any natural light in your tiny space. You can always add bold colors to your accessories and even cabinetry. Using a light color is a great way to help your laundry space feel larger.

Do you need help deciding what color of paint to use?

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Laundry Room Ideas

Why decorate a laundry room? It is a small space that can easily take on a life of its own. If done correctly, you can use these DIY laundry room storage ideas to not only add style but functionality.

Other ways to make your laundry room feel larger

  • Consider hanging your ironing board on the back of the door.
  • Change out a regular door for a sliding door so that you don’t have to worry about the space when it swings open.
  • Really utilize the height of the room.
  • Don’t have a dedicated space, consider turning a hallway closet into a laundry “room” or combining it in another space like a large bathroom.
  • Add a DIY wall drying wall to only have down when in use.
  • Use a collapsible laundry basket if you don’t have space to store one.

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We are glad these laundry room ideas inspired us to finally get our laundry rooms organized.

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